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Do you want an oak framed garage too?

WP_20151122_14_35_06_ProSunday 22nd November 2015

The Planet Rock Hairy Rock Show on the radio, racing through the winter landscape in a muddy Skoda Yeti, Mr and Mrs Clark made their way to the Bath & West Showground to the Somerset Homebuilding and Renovating Show. They sang My Woman from Tokyo by Deep Purple at full blast as they passed Stonehenge on the A303, take that you pagans! They shouted and sang When I was a Boy by ELO, harmonising very nicely indeed. This was going to be a grand day out. Read more

Do you need shutters or blinds for your gable end window?

If I was poetic I would go on about how beautiful the autumn leaves are, fluttering to the ground as we gaze through our gable end window. But I’m not going to as it won’t be any use to anyone thinking of building their own house. Instead, I’m going impart some useful information about a solution we found for blinds to fit our gable end window. (You won’t realise how important this is until you’ve got one causing you a problem). After years of deliberation, odd bits of curtain and drawing pins, we finally saved up enough money and opted for made to measure slatted blinds I am still in raptures about them, especially at night. I’m as big a fan as anyone of a lovely bright moonlit night, but when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie at 2 am it’s not amore I can tell you!

Now to find curtains for the downstairs sunroom/dining area. There are a few big floor to ceiling windows to consider in our self-built house you see. It makes me and Mr Clark weary just thinking about it. Well, it’s a simple choice really – pay the mortgage or buy curtains. I fear another winter of discontent as we sit and watch the rain lash against the glass while it tries to sneak its way in through the oak beams and make leaky tannin stains, and most importantly we must try and not do anything untoward in that part of the room lest the new neighbours should see.

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