Are you just about to embark on a self-build?

After three months of editing, proofreading and formatting, I am nearly ready to send off for my proof copy of the book –phew! Who knew the amount of work that goes into producing a book after you’ve written it?  Not me. I do now.

What colour paper to go for, cream or white?  Cream looks more like a novel and less like a text book. Cream it is then, but apparently it will expand my spine width.

My sister-in-law Catherine has been doing a fabulous job with formatting the text and pictures and guiding me through the self-publishing process, and my sister Kate has designed a magnificent book cover. This is my first blog, and is coming to you only because of the help of my good friend and social media guru Jenni Collins. I am really lucky to have such talented friends and family to help me on my way.

Are you just about to embark on a self-build?  If you are, I am truly envious. I would do it all again tomorrow, albeit with a limitless budget!  But for now I have to think about a venue to launch Mud & Marriage – A Housebuilding Adventure. Another dilemma, although not as tricky as choosing which tiles to buy for a newly battened roof.

Canapés and champagne, or cheese twists and chardonnay?  Yet again it’s a budget issue. We’ll see. I will just want to celebrate the fact that I have a finished copy of the book in my hand, and that I can share it with the world.

Happy days.