Have you built in enough storage?

It’s been six years now since we moved into our self-built house. Seasons come and seasons go, and as I get my cold weather clothes out ready for a windy West Berkshire winter, I realise once again that we still need more storage. You might have thought that as Mr Clark and I had a hand in the design of our own house build that we would have come up with ingenious storage solutions. Sadly we haven’t as yet. Those built in wardrobes and cupboards still haven’t manifested but are at the top of my list. Mr Clark is thinking about upgrading his raised vegetable beds. I am thinking I would like to get my clothes off that temporary rail in the spare room.

Top tip* If you are building a house, think about storage and build it into your budget at the start. If you don’t ,you might find that a moth has eaten your best Karen Millen Jacket because it somehow found its way out of the clothes storage bag under your bed and has been decimated, or even in this case desiccated and has had to be put in the bin … or as Mr Clark helpfully suggested, ‘don’t have stuff’.

cropped-mudmarriage-book-cover-04The book is at the printers and will be available soon. Get the Launchpad ready!