Ready to roll!

Books small Oct 2014 003

At last after a long self-publishing journey, I feel like Frodo eventually getting back to the Shire after braving the fires of Mordor. Luckily I have had not just one, but a few Samwise the Braves to help me on my way. Unlike Frodo I won’t be going off on a boat with Gandalf, I will be in the (Berk)shire awaiting orders for books and sending them off post-haste.

If you want an insight into building a house or even what to wear at a job interview, this book is for you. Perhaps you might like to know what a nogging is, or even the benefits of wearing salopettes in a draught.

Mostly you will get a frank look at life at the coalface of a self-build while all around is just life as we know it, of course with its funny side, but also its harsh side.

I’m very happy indeed to be able to set the book free into the world. I hope you enjoy reading it.

You can order the book here