About Mandy Clark

mandy-clark-author-fbMandy Clark is an artist, teacher and  now surprisingly an author living in a quiet village close to the Ridgeway in West Berkshire.

In 2005 she and her husband John embarked on a journey to build their own home, and after having safely paddled over the tumultuous breakers of planning consent, they bravely decided to manage the project themselves.

After steering out into the open and uncharted waters of building regulations, subcontractors and finance, with its gale-force winds, storms and calm days as well as those glorious but rare plain-sailing days, they were taken to the crest of building hell and back; but they survived, despite getting a bit weathered along the way and moved into their house in 2008.

Mandy was site manager and kept a diary throughout the build which led to the writing of her book Mud & Marriage – A Housebuilding Adventure. It’s a useful guide for anyone thinking of embarking on a self-build, and a frank and often humorous insight into John and Mandy’s lives as they build a house and a life together.

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