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Banana anyone?

An elephant’s trunk feels like tree bark. Who knew?

I met two elephants the other day, a pregnant lady elephant and a small boy elephant. I was in awe of meeting them but I don’t think they were that excited to meet me. The lady elephant I was introduced to first didn’t mind much though, as I along with five others, had brought along a snack bucket full of bananas.

The lovely Mr Clark had bought me a ‘meet the elephants experience’ at Whipsnade Zoo as a tenth wedding anniversary present. I was very pleased indeed. I’m not that happy about wild animals being kept in enclosures and cages, but at Whipsnade they are doing a good job with their conservation work and some of it raises funds help humans and elephants get along together in Thailand.

I’ve always wanted to meet an elephant trunk to trunk so to speak. It wasn’t the deepest of encounters but now I know how to tell if an elephant is in a good mood or not – it’s all in the eyes apparently, and who wouldn’t be in a good mood with bananas on offer instead of boring old hay and twigs – a bit like Mr Clark when a party bucket of KFC is wafted under his nose when under the threat of having to eat green beans. (He protests that he might get vegetable poisoning if he has too many greens).

Elephants communicate via low rumblings which are inaudible to human ears. Mr Clark communicates with rumblings but they are most definitely audible and are mostly heard either when he is hungry, disgruntled about noisy cockerels, listening to the cricket, lying down or has just lost a game of Bananagrams.

As I eat my banana now I think back to the elephants, it was only last Sunday but seems so long ago. I suppose it’s like Mr Clark says,’ time flies like an arrow but fruit flies like a banana’. (And so do elephants it seems).

My cork has been popped and my love has been Kindled

2… and… 1 – we have lift-off!  Thanks to my clever sister’s patience and hard work, the Kindle edition of Mud & Marriage is out now – phew! I have a slightly fuzzy head due to a few glasses of Prosecco to celebrate last night, but I am very happy indeed to be out electronically. You can now buy it from Amazon.co.uk. 

Valentine’s Day is here and lovely Mr Clark gave me some chocolates and I gave him some meat products (no,I wasn’t wearing them), so we’re both happy. We’ve just have just had a very challenging Bananagrams game, so Mr Clark has gone for a lie down as he has to be fit for his Deckchairs gig tonight at the Queens Arms  in Reading – on the same bill as Peter and the Test Tube Babies. I will be going along (with earplugs, I want to try at least to save what is left of my hearing after having been in a loud band myself all those years ago).  I’ll probably wear a badge that says ‘sorry I can’t hear you’ and take along a notebook. I remember taking a notebook out with me once when I had lost my voice. I made a heading saying ‘I have lost my voice’ and wrote what I wanted to say. It worked really well, but the strange thing was, people wrote back to me on the notepad rather than speaking to me – a bit odd, but effective. I still have the notepad from that evening and it makes interesting reading.

It’s not that I don’t like the music, I do, especially the song that goes … ‘baby … have you ever been to Bracknell oo-a-oo-a-oo’, but I just don’t want to go mutton just yet. Mr Clark has been downloading sound effects onto pedals for the gig; I might miss the Charles Hawtrey one where he says gently ’ooh I do feel queer’ but  I expect I will hear the scream, the siren and the explosion, as I don’t think even earplugs could keep them out.

Right then – time to put my PVC trousers on.

Kindle edition of Mud & Marriage arranged, formatted and uploaded by Kate Northover 

If you want to have a listen to the Deckchairs you can here (parental guidance lyrics!): https://soundcloud.com/the-deckchairs-1/zombie-attack

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What makes you happy?

My happiest top twenty:

  1. Up a ladder
  2. Reading in the bath
  3. Wearing hats
  4. Singing along with Lionel Richie in the car
  5. Pulling weeds out of the gravel
  6. Playing Bananagrams
  7. Resting my head on Mr Clark’s gurgling tum pretending to be Jacques Cousteau on an undersea adventure
  8. Wearing socks
  9. Dancing to Michael Jackson
  10. Doing a blow-offs in the bath
  11. Eating a crab sandwich in Cornwall
  12. Stroking a dog’s ears
  13. A hot flannel on my face
  14. Watching Mr Clark feed the robin mealworms
  15. Eating a Choco Leibniz biscuit
  16. A nice cup of tea
  17. A nice glass of Chardonnay
  18. Eating St Agur
  19. Watching my mum eating a cream cake
  20. Coming home

I’d love to know what makes you happy. You can let me know on this website, through Twitter or on Facebook.