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Is that a book I see poking out from your Christmas stocking?

Christmas stocking 002small

I know it’s shameless but there you go. I can’t reasonably use sex or kittens to sell the book but I reckon Christmas is fair game.

How about a log cabin up in some snowy hills with a roaring fire and a nice glass of sherry? Lovely jubbly.  Somewhere quiet surrounded by snow covered fir trees where you can forget all your troubles, your planning permission application and give your nails a chance to grow back.

But then you’ll probably think as you tuck into your stollen and your reindeer shaped cinnamon biscuits…actually we should build a log cabin instead and stay here in the snowy mountains away from the M4 forever. Somewhere where we can chop logs, build snowmen and go sledging, perhaps even get time to read books or write that novel that people are always telling us is in there somewhere.

With your faces glowing by the light of the fire, you’ll say cheers and chink your glasses of eggnog, but those creeping doubts may try to wheedle in … would there be broadband? Would we be able to watch Strictly, and where would the nearest Waitrose be?

Our whole village was plunged into darkness with a power cut last Sunday evening and I was a bit worried that I might miss the Strictly results show. Mr Clark and I lit some candles and the log burner and enjoyed the quiet and soporific atmosphere, so much so that we both fell asleep. I didn’t mind missing Strictly (because after all I could watch it on the iPlayer on Monday if I wanted to, and I could always call my sister from the plug in phone to see who was out.) The electricity came back on, which oddly enough was a bit disappointing, so we turned the lights off and went back to sleep.

I’m busily collecting things for Mr Clark’s Christmas stocking. I don’t think I can get this industrial vacuum cleaner in it though which is a pity. www.ebay.co.uk/itm/350897542517

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