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Would my pants explode?

Mr Clark came home from work this evening and this is how the conversation went:

Me: I’ve been teaching my friend how to draw George Clooney today.

Mr C: Oh yes? (Holding up the picture of George up to cover his own face

Me: Yes and it’s quite an odd thing but we discovered that we both don’t actually fancy George Clooney that much – in fact I think that you are much more handsome than George Clooney.

Mr C: Phh … I bet if George Clooney walked in now your pants would explode.

I am always thinking of Mr Clark’s stomach and what to put in it for his tea. This evening I had planned lamb kebabs in pitta bread with a salad and tzatziki – I was a bit flabbergasted and I told him where his lamb kebabs might end up for saying such a thing.

Now if Huw Edwards walked into my house that might be a different matter. I have never met George Clooney (or Huw Edwards actually) so who knows – they might, but as I pointed out to Mr Clark my pants are not that combustible.

Where did the lamb kebabs end up? It’s my job to know and for you to find out.

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