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What makes you happy?

My happiest top twenty:

  1. Up a ladder
  2. Reading in the bath
  3. Wearing hats
  4. Singing along with Lionel Richie in the car
  5. Pulling weeds out of the gravel
  6. Playing Bananagrams
  7. Resting my head on Mr Clark’s gurgling tum pretending to be Jacques Cousteau on an undersea adventure
  8. Wearing socks
  9. Dancing to Michael Jackson
  10. Doing a blow-offs in the bath
  11. Eating a crab sandwich in Cornwall
  12. Stroking a dog’s ears
  13. A hot flannel on my face
  14. Watching Mr Clark feed the robin mealworms
  15. Eating a Choco Leibniz biscuit
  16. A nice cup of tea
  17. A nice glass of Chardonnay
  18. Eating St Agur
  19. Watching my mum eating a cream cake
  20. Coming home

I’d love to know what makes you happy. You can let me know on this website, through Twitter or on Facebook.