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Butterflies on your Glulam Beams?

dec 07 040

I have a teaspoon which, every time I use it, reminds me of a particularly difficult experience when building the house.  Should I get rid of it?  My sister says that she’ll have it, as she said she needs more teaspoons. It is very kind of her to offer to take it off my hands, but a. I don’t have many teaspoons myself and b. should I keep it as a salutary reminder to never again employ builders who don’t speak any English? – A dilemma.

And then there’s the snagging! Some of it has still to be done. After six years living in our house I ignore the little things that never got done, but it bugs the hell out of Mr Clark. He sighs as he looks at a bit of corner skirting that still hasn’t been attached or a bit of plaster that has been filled and needs painting. The list spirals out of control, so he goes and watches Storage Hunters instead… they’ll all get done – one day.

Sometimes I congratulate myself on the lovely job I did tidying up with filler and paint around the Glulam Beams. The butterflies like it too; they’ve been trying to hibernate in the corners. The good bits outweigh the niggly bits a hundred to one for me. If you are building, don’t let the niggly bits get you down – focus on the bits you love and enjoy.

‘Now Mr Clark – the table top is still shifting about, get off the sofa and we’ll get those brackets on. Then we’ll make a NCOT using an inoffensive teaspoon’ and admire our Glulam Beams.