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A picture of you

Start with the mid-tones and work darker and lighter – affordable expensive and cheap. But if we call highlights cheap we’re most definitely wrong, in artistic terms anyway. The high notes give a thing an extra zing.

Take for example the twinkle in an eye. If your parents hadn’t had a twinkle, you might never have been born.  A twinkle is cheeky, a soprano can break a glass with a high note and a guitar solo by Nils Lofgren can leave your ears ringing for hours.

A mid-tone is a springboard. Without diving into the dark you wouldn’t experience the light on the surface. Without the Yin and the Yang you wouldn’t find balance. Like us, flowers turn their faces to the light, it’s nature’s way. But after a hectic day, when you turn off the bedside lamp and bathe in the dark, it may be like a glass of water to the soul.

As we know there are fifty shades of grey, some more appropriate than others; some from Primark some from Farrow and Ball. But how many shades of green can you see in a field? As the scenery recedes into the distance it turns bluer and less distinct. Some memories are as sharp as the day they were made, but some are hazy and others stay over the hills and far away.

Don’t forget to put in the highlights; you don’t have to leave them right until the end. It’s an interesting fact that they are not always white; a highlight can be the lightest hue of any colour. Make it ping, make it sing, make it three dimensional – remember that contrast is the key and the brightest point will be where you put your focus.

You are not mere reflection wobbling on the water, although your reflection shows you exist. Nor are you only shadows; long in the winter, short in the summer, behind or in front. Your shadow shows that you are basking in the light. If you turn around and face your shadow, there is nothing to be scared of, it’s only you … and you can always choose to turn towards the light. But wear shades, it looks cool.

moon smalljpg