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Self-build book launch a go-go!

We have lift off! I hardly ate anything for four days in order to squeeze into my dress for the book launch! There were loads of lovely people there to help me celebrate. The Newbury Weekly News fab photographer Geoff Fletcher came and took some pictures along with Trish Lee their brilliant arts lady. You could get a Kubota digger through the gap in my front teeth so I tried not to smile too much.  It was a lovely do though.

My sister Kate made the carrot cake (pictured) she’s so clever. You’ll be relieved to hear that I didn’t eat the whole thing; the ladder would’ve got stuck in my teeth for sure.

I have friends who are just embarking on their own house builds and I would like to suggest a small reading list to help them on their way. These publications certainly helped Mr Clark and me along the way with our self-build and I’m sure their wisdom will help you.

  • Homebuilding and Renovating Magazine                                                             www.homebuilding.co.uk
  • The Housebuilder’s Bible by Mark Brinkley homebuilding.co.uk/magazine/books/housebuilders-bible-10
  • Penguin books Dictionary of Building www.penguin.co.uk/nf/Book/BookDisplay/0,,9780140512397,00.html
  • The VAT Act (You think I’m joking!)

…and of course I foisted a copy of Mud & Marriage on them too in case they need some handy top tips.

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